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New photovoltaic system on the grid


Our new photovoltaic system with an output of approximately 1,100 kWP and a module area of 5,200 m2 is finally connected to the grid. It takes us one step closer to our goal of climate neutrality.

A study by the Austrian Energy Agency shows that a massive expansion of renewable energies sources is necessary to cover Austria’s electricity consumption in a climate-neutral way. The use of solar energy is particularly important, followed by wind power and thermal power.

In practice, however, the existing roof surfaces and facades are often not suitable for installing PV modules. Even here at St. Martin, the roof construction of our manufacturing buildings prevented us from generating actual solar power.

However, this did not stop us from finding an environmentally friendly and space-saving solution: a ground-mounted photovoltaic system! With overall 2,000 monocrystalline half-cell modules facing south, the system will generate approximately 1,200,000 kWh of electricity annually. This corresponds to the consumption of approximately 270 Austrian households.

We are proud to contribute to the energy turnaround and independence from fossil fuels. This PV plant is another important step on our way to climate neutrality and shows that it is possible to integrate renewable energies in an environmentally and space-saving manner. We look forward to finding innovative solutions in the future to minimize our ecological footprint and create a sustainable future.