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WOLFRAM’s second Health and Safety Month in October 2023

It was not needed to make big announcements, people already knew that this special month has started when the first beach flags were put up and info screens gave first notice about the comeback.

Employee safety and well-being is our priority at WOLFRAM. Our focus goes beyond preventing accidents and addresses both physical and mental health. Numerous measures and continuous improvements are implemented across all sites to assist WOLFRAM in achieving the goal of zero accidents.

For the second consecutive year, we dedicated an entire month to “Health and Safety”. Each department worked extensively on a specific topic.

The significant growth of Health and Safety Month 2023 was particularly enjoyable. With 59 program items, this month significantly exceeded the previous year’s level. The variety ranged from standard activities to new – creative programs – with hand-on events attracting the most interest.

What is it that makes our Health and Safety Month so special?

This initiative provides us an exceptional opportunity to share knowledge and experiences. By discussing health and safety-related topics, we improve our awareness and ability to recognize hazardous working conditions. Above all, we align our actions and decisions with the principle of “Safety First”.