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The company WOLFRAM

Our company is a world leading supplier of high quality powders based on the metal tungsten. Our products are used in the manufacture of high-tech components in the tooling, automotive, aerospace, energy, infrastructure, electronics and mining industry. The raw materials for our complex production processes come from our our own mine, concentrates globally sourced and the recycling of post-consumer products and scrap. Our company is a strategically important part of the global Sandvik Group.

Mittersill – from ore to concentrate

Mining and processing at Mittersill (state of Salzburg, Austria) represents the start of the production value chain of WOLFRAM. Scheelite ore is extracted in the state-of-the-art underground mine. The processing plant is located three kilometres down the valley at the Felbertauern Highway. Transport of the ore from the mine to the plant is done in an environmentally-friendly manner by means of a conveyor belt through a tunnel. The plant produces scheelite concentrate from the run-of-mine ore, covering an important part of the raw material requirement of WOLFRAM and ensuring our independence and the security of supply.
Mittersill is one of the most important tungsten mines in the world and works according to the highest safety and environmental standards immediately adjacent to the National Park “Hohe Tauern”.

St. MARTIN im Sulmtal – from raw material to powder

In the refinery operations in St. Martin im Sulmtal (state of Styria, Austria) we use scheelite concentrate from our own mine together with tungsten concentrates purchased from all over the world as a primary raw material. To preserve natural resources, we have extensive recycling facilities using secondary tungsten raw materials, and thus closing the material circle. In a first processing step tungsten is extracted from the raw materials into a solution, then cleaned and finally precipitated into a pure intermediate product, ammonium paratungstate (APT).
With our state-of-the art technologies we produce high-end tungsten oxide, tungsten metal and tungsten carbide powders for the powder metallurgical industry. These products meet the highest requirements of purity and reproducibility.

High safety and environmental standards guarantee compliance with relevant obligations towards our workers, neighbours, the authorities and the natural environment.