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Wolfram – Ores & concentrates (primary raw materials)

The raw material supply for the smelting plant consists of four components, which allows WOLFRAM to proactively react to the volatility in the raw materials markets and mitigate any supply risks:

  1. Our own mine in Mittersill
  2. Recycled Material
  3. Purchased tungsten concentrates from mines throughout the world; and in order to level out peaks in consumption
  4. Supply of semi-finished products from other selected tungsten smelting plants.

WOLFRAM is the only integrated tungsten smelting plant outside Asia and Russia. Therefore, we have expertise in all aspects of the process, from exploration through to the finished products. We are the preferred partner for new mining projects due to our experience and competence in mining and processing of tungsten ores.

Our experience in the refinery enables us to use an extensive range of raw material types, including low-grade concentrates, which in turn supports supply security.

WOLFRAM purchases raw materials from producers around the world. Our suppliers are both large industrial mines as well as cooperative and small-scale mines in Africa or South America. Many of our suppliers have a long standing relationship with WOLFRAM, leading to benefits such as technical support. All deliveries must fulfil the strict standards in regards to ethical supply and the traceability through the supply chain.

Economic Geology of Tungsten

Tungsten deposit sites occur world-wide, however, mainly in some remarkable clusters: Iberian Peninsula, Bolivian Andes, North American Cordillera, the Great Lakes region of Central Africa and in the region of South China. Most tungsten deposits occur in connection with acidic intrusive rocks (granites). Besides WOLFRAM’s mine at Mittersill, well-known deposits include Panasqueira (Portugal), Nui Phao (Vietnam), Vostok-2 (Russia) and Shizhuyuan (China).

There are only two economically important ore minerals for tungsten:

Scheelite CaWO4

Calcium tungstate, “white” tungsten ore, fluorescent in UV light. Can be enriched by gravity methods or flotation.

Wolframite (Fe,Mn)WO4

Iron/manganese tungstate, “black” tungsten ore, can be enriched by gravity methods and magnetic separation.

Main producer countries for tungsten concentrates

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