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We take responsibility: To make the recycling process as easy as possible, our experts organize every step for you and help you optimize your product life cycle (from purchase to scrap collection, production, and replacement).

High-quality Products

The result of this process are products of highest quality.
This makes it possible to offer a higher stability of supply and competitive prices. When purchasing raw materials, we always pay attention to quality. We do the same with secondary raw materials. So you can rest assured that the recycled material meets the highest standards.

“We adapt the recycling process to the recyclable material in order to achieve optimum quality and energy efficiency!”

Dr. Georg Mühlbauer
(Expert Powder Metallurgy)

Even scrap can shine with us.

To us, that means valuable material.
Taking back used products is a valuable part of our production cycle.

Not everything that glitters is tungsten.
We only process scrap that contains tungsten. When purchasing, we check the tungsten content and professionally evaluate the raw material.

What we want from you?

Mining Bits

Grinding Sludge and Powder

Drills and End-mills

Milling tips

Hot Rolls

Wear Parts


Milling balls


Wear Parts

Round tools

and other hardmetal scrap

What we do

We can process tungsten carbide that is no longer in use into new raw material. After professional sampling, the material is evaluated based on current market prices.

Please do not hesitate to contact our purchasing team

Your contact person – recycling

Tatiana Prosvetova
Expert strategic sourcing raw materials
+43 3465 7077-289